Egg Rate Today In Dehli | Retail & Wholesale Rates | NECC Prices 2024

Farm Egg RatePc (₹ / Rs.) Tray (₹ / Rs.)
Wholesale Price₹4.85 / piece₹145.5 / tray
Retail Price₹5.14 / piece₹154.23 / tray
Dehli Egg Rate Today

You can find the current and latest egg rate Dehli. According to the updated data, the wholesale egg rate per piece is ₹4.85 and retail rate is ₹5.14 for 1 piece of egg. As for each tray, Dehli Egg Market is selling each tray at ₹145.5 and the retailers are selling each tray at around ₹154.23.

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Dehli egg rate Today 2024

NECC has updated the latest rates for eggs in Dehli. According to the daily update, the per-piece egg rate is set to be ₹4.85 and the per-tray egg rate is ₹145.5 in the wholesale market. 1 tray has 30 eggs or two and a half dozen eggs. The price for 100 egg pieces is around ₹485.

Rates have increased slightly in the egg mandi compared to previous market rates. However, it is assumed that the prices will come down in the following days as the demand decreases due to the lower consumption of eggs in summer.

As stated above, the rate for 1 tray is around ₹145.5. This makes the rate of 1 peti at around ₹1019.

Dehli Egg Rate per peti


dehli mandi egg price

NECC Egg Rate today in Dehli

Farm Egg RatePc (₹ / Rs.) Tray (₹ / Rs.)
NECC Egg Rate₹4.85 / piece₹145.5 / tray
NECC Dehli Egg Rate Today

Dehli Egg Rate per piece wholesale


Dehli Egg Rate per piece retail


Supermarket Egg Rate today in Dehli

Farm Egg RatePc (₹ / Rs.) Tray (₹ / Rs.)
Supermarket Egg Rate₹5.24 / piece₹157.14 / tray
Supermarket Dehli Egg Rate Today
egg rate dehli NECC

1 piece egg retail rates in Pakistan range between ₹4.85 and the wholesale peti (crate) price is ₹1019.

The retail price of 1 egg is ₹5.14.

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