1 Kg Corn Flour Price In Pakistan 2024 | Maize Flour

ItemMin. Rate (Rs.)Max. Rate (Rs.)
1 Kg Corn Flour300550
Corn Flour Price In Pakistan

According to our latest market research, the corn flour price in Pakistan today is between Rs. 300 and Rs. 600 for 1 Kg.

In this article below, you will be informed about the current rates of bhutta ka atta ranging from 200 gms to 1000 grams.

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Corn flour price in pakistan

Maize is an important crop grown all over the world. Maize or bhutta are used in foods and other skin products as well. Similarly, corn flour is also used by different chefs and restaurants and home kitchen owners to enhance the taste of their food.

As the rates of every other item are increasing day by day due to the gigantic and humungous inflation, prices of corn flour have also been affected. Therefore, you can see a rapid hike in the rates of gram flour throughout the world.

1 Kg Corn Flour Rate

Rs. 300 to Rs. 550

500g Corn Flour Rate

Rs. 160 to Rs. 320

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