1 Kg Almond Flour Price In Pakistan 2024

ItemMin. Rate (Rs.)Max. Rate (Rs.)
1 Kg Almond Flour280350
Almond Flour Price In Pakistan

According to our latest market research, the almond flour price in Pakistan today is between Rs. 1650 and Rs. 1850 for 500 grams , and between Rs. 3200 to Rs. 3700 for 1 Kg.

In this article below, you will be informed about the current rates of badaam ka atta ranging from 200 gms to 1000 grams.

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almond flour price in pakistan

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Almond Flour Price In Pakistan Today

Almond is one of the most healthy dry fruits and is equally loved all around the world. People for centuries have been using badaam for its unlimited health benefits. Especially after the awareness of healthy diets people are turning towards healthy foods.

Almond is especially loved by vegans as it provides equal nutrients as other animal products. Almond milk is also very popular. Keto lovers use almond flour as a substitute for wheat flour. Almonds are healthy in all their forms whether blanched and unblanched (skinless and with skin)

Below we will share the rates of almond flour for different volumes in 2023 of different brands.

200g Almond Flour Rate

Rs. 800 to Rs. 1000

400g Almond Flour Rate

Rs. 1580 to Rs. 1950

500g Almond Flour Rate

Rs. 1800 to Rs. 2400

1000g Almond Flour Rate

Rs. 3200 to Rs. 3700

almond flour price in pakistan

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The prices of badaam and badaam ka atta in Pakistan are subject to fluctuations based on various market conditions and factors. 1 kg badam atta rates in Pakistan range from around Rs. 3200 to Rs. 3700 for different brands of Pakistan.

We weekly update the rates or when the rates are changed in between the weeks.

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