Chicken Rate Today Karachi | Retail & Wholesale Rates | Latest 2024

ItemRate (Rs.)
Farm Rate (Wholesale)244
Live Chicken Supply Rate (Wholesale)256
Live Chicken Supply Rate (Retail)264
Chicken Meat (Gosht)565
Chicken Rate Today Karachi

Our most recent market research indicates that the current prices for chicken in Karachi are Rs. 256 for a kilogram of live chicken (retail) and Rs. 264 per kg for wholesale. The cost of 1 kilogram of broiler chicken flesh is Rs. 565.

You may also keep yourself informed about the current rates for 1 kg of chicken in other Pakistani provinces by reading the article below.

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chicken rate today in karachi 2

Chicken Rate Today Karachi

Karachi is one of the largest cities in the world with a population of more than 17 million people. Though, the actual numbers are debatable as many claim that Karachi has already crossed 20 million people. Nonetheless, Karachi has a long tale to tell. Once called ‘the city of lights’ is living in the darkest era of its history.

People here have a good taste of food and they simply love it. With a humungous number of residents and visitors from other cities and countries, the Karachi food market is growing daily. Especially, the industry of meat of goats, cows, bulls, chicken, etc is in high demand.

The rate of chicken in Karachi has also been on the rise and due to inflation the price-hike is breaking records.

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What were the Previous Chicken Rates in Karachi?

ItemRate (Rs.)
Farm Rate (Wholesale)353
Live Chicken Supply Rate (Wholesale)361
Live Chicken Supply Rate (Retail)368
Chicken Meat (Gosht)570
Chicken Rate In Karachi

What Is the Chicken Rate Today in Karachi?

Alive Desi Murgi (country chicken)Rs. 1200-1300
Chicken Rate Today Karachi

The approximate pricing for 1 kilogram or 2.2 pounds of Desi chicken are listed above. Chickens of many breeds are farmed for their flesh. The most common type is the broiler hen, sometimes referred to as layer chicken or poultry farm chicken. Broiler chicken is typically seen in stores and shops.

chicken rate today in karachi

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Different Chicken Cuts Rate Today In Karachi

We’ve added prices for several chicken cuts, weighed at 1 kg or 2.2 lbs, below. The pricing range may vary depending on demand and location.

chicken rate today in karachi 2
Chicken Breast (چکن سینہ)900-1100
Chicken Leg (چکن ران )650-750
Chicken neck  (چکن گردن)200-300
Chicken wings  (چکن بازو)350-450
Boneless chicken (چکن بغیر ہڈی)950-1050
Chicken Drumstick (چکن  ڈرم اسٹک)650-750
Chicken liver (چکن کلیجی پوٹا )300-400
Country Chicken Live (دیسی مرغی)1100-1200
Chicken Rate Today Karachi – Chicken Cuts

History of Chicken Rate In Karachi

chicken rate karachi

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Chicken Rate Today In Your City

You can click the link below to find out the rates in the specified city if you’d like to examine and compare the prices of chicken in different Pakistani cities.

SialkotMultanPeshawarGujranwalaRahim Yar Khan
JhangTaxilaMansehraSahiwalDera Ghazi Khan

Overview Of The Poultry Industry In Karachi

Among those blossoming industries is the poultry industry of Karachi as well. As Karachi is well known for its cuisine and food markets, there is an increased demand for meat, especially chicken meat. Karachi has many poultry farms, birds’ feed mills, and processing and production plants, all of which ensure a steady supply to cater to the high demand for poultry chicken.

Due to the advancements in applied technologies, improvements made in the breeding of broiler chickens, and maintaining an efficient supply, the Karachi poultry industry has seen tremendous growth. This advancement and development in breeding, processing, and supply chain management have also played a vital part in the increment of chicken rates in Karachi.

chicken rate today in karachi

According to the statistical data, Karachi’s poultry rate is at its peak these days and breaking previous price-hike records. Pakistan Poultry Association is a body that looks after the regulation of poultry prices in Pakistan.


Chicken is part of our essential diet and the majority of people love to eat chicken. In the above article, we have mentioned the latest and up-to-date rate of broiler chicken in the city of Karachi. The prices of different items are regulated by the local government and the Commissioner of Karachi is responsible for any violation of approved prices and rates. 

1 kg broiler Chicken wholesale rates in Karachi range around Rs. 440 and the retail price ranges around Rs. 450 per kg. 1 kg chicken meat rate is Rs. 698.

1 kg chicken boneless chicken meat rate is between Rs. 1000-1100.


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