Chicken Rate Today Rawalpindi | Live & Meat Rates | Mandi Rates | Updated 2024

ItemRate (Rs.)
Farm Rate (Wholesale)275
Live Chicken Supply Rate (Wholesale)291
Live Chicken Supply Rate (Retail)302
Chicken Meat (Gosht)438
Chicken Rate Today Rawalpindi

According to our latest market research, today’s chicken rate in Rawalpindi is Rs. 291 per kg (wholesale) and Rs. 302 for 1 kg live chicken (retail). 1 kg broiler chicken meat price is Rs. 438.

In this article below, you can also know and update yourself with the 1 kg chicken rate today in other provinces of Pakistan. Wholesale and retail prices are updated on this website regularly.

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chicken rate today in rawalpindi2

Chicken Rate Today Rawalpindi

Rawalpindi, a city in Punjab, is the fourth most populous city in Pakistan with a total number of  2.3 million people residing in it. Rawalpindi and Islamabad are also called twin cities.

People here have a good taste of food and they simply love it. With a large number of residents and visitors from other cities, the Rawalpindi consumer market is growing every day. The industry of meat goats, cows, bulls, chicken, etc is in high demand.

The rate of chicken in Rawalpindi has also been on the rise and due to inflation the price-hike is breaking records.

Rawalpindi Open Mandi Rate = 12,000

Rawalpindi Mandi Sale Rate = –

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What were the Previous Chicken Rates in Rawalpindi?

ItemRetail (Rs.)
Farm Rate
Live Chicken Supply Rate (Zinda)360
Chicken Meat (Gosht)540

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Different Chicken Cuts Rate Today In Rawalpindi

Below we have added rates of different chicken cuts that are weighted at 1 kg or 2.2 lbs. The price range may differ from area to area and demand.

chicken rate today in rawalpindi
Chicken Breast (چکن سینہ)Rs. 800-900
Chicken Leg (چکن ران )Rs. 650-750
Chicken neck  (چکن گردن)Rs. 200-300
Chicken wings  (چکن بازو)Rs. 350-450
Boneless chicken (چکن بغیر ہڈی)Rs. 950-1050
Chicken Drumstick (چکن  ڈرم اسٹک)Rs. 650-750
Chicken liver (چکن کلیجی پوٹا )Rs. 300-400
Country Chicken Live (دیسی مرغی)Rs. 1200-1300
Chicken Rate Today In Rawalpindi

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Whether you live in the East or West, you love to eat chicken meat unless you have some sort of allergies or medical issues. Chicken is an important part of our essential diet and the majority of people buy broiler chicken. However, some people do not eat broilers due to various chicken including meat allergies.

In the above article, we have mentioned the closest estimate and up-to-date rate of broiler chicken in the city of Lahore. Attested and approved Today chicken Rate list is also uploaded for authenticity. Additionally, an estimated rate of country chicken is also cited along with the pros and cons of both kinds of chicken. If you want to learn about other commodities prices you may visit this page.

The prices of chicken in Pakistan are subject to daily fluctuations based on various market conditions and factors. 1 kg broiler Chicken wholesale rates in Lahore range between Rs. 369 and the retail price range between Rs. 383 per kg.

We regularly update the rates.

Yes, seasonal factors can impact chicken rates. During festive seasons or periods of high demand, prices may increase. Staying updated on these fluctuations helps you anticipate and plan accordingly.

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