Daily Poultry Beef Mutton Rates List | Official List | November 2023

Below in this article, you will get to know the latest official daily poultry beef mutton rates list for the month of November that is received by the Department of Food Pakistan.

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Poultry Beef Mutton Rates List November 2023

As humans, we eagerly search for official announcements related to prices, rates, benefits, rewards, etc. Unless we hear the news from a reputable source we tend not to believe it. In our case, as we share the rates of raw meat, we try to acquire the latest and up-to-date official rates list of poultry, beef, mutton meat, etc, etc.

Here we are going to update the official rates lists of raw meats. All the lists uploaded in this article are approved and authorized by the food department of the government of Pakistan.

Rates List – 27 November 2023

Rates List – 23 November 2023

Rates List – 22 November 2023

Rates List – 20 November 2023

Rates List – 13 November 2023

Rates List – 10 November 2023

Rates List – 6 November 2023

Rates List – 1 November 2023

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