Olive Oil Price Pakistan 2024 | Extra Virgin Olive Oil| Pomace Olive Oil

ItemQty.Rate (Max.)
Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500 mlRs. 2025 – Rs. 2250
Pomace Olive Oil 1 literRs. 1450 – Rs. 1550
Olive Oil Price Pakistan

As we searched the market, the up-to-date average 500 ml olive oil price in Pakistan ranges between Rs. 1450 to Rs. 2250 including pomace oil and extra virgin.

Below in this article, you will know the latest retail rates of zaitoon oil ranging from 250 ml to 3 liters for a variety of olive oil brands in Pakistan.

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50ml Olive Oil

Rs. 280 to Rs. 540

Olive Oil Price Pakistan Today 2023

Olive is a very healthy fruit and it is loved all over the world. People use it in salads, in cooking, and raw as well. Olives are spread on pizzas, fries, burgers, etc. Local desi cuisine uses olives as well to enhance the aroma of the food.

Mainly, olives are cultivated in Spain and various parts of Europe and America. In Pakistan, the government has been planning to cultivate olive fields to save the foreign reserves spent on importing olives from foreign countries. If the government succeeds, that would not only save the reserves but also it can be exported to other countries to earn extra dollars.

Olives are also very healthy for human health. Zaitoon oil is extracted and used for different purposes like cooking, eating raw or in salads, and massage as well. Some health geeks drink the oil as well.

Below you will learn the prices of olive oil for different brands, local and international, and select the best olive oil depending on your requirements and budget.

1 liter Olive Oil

Rs. 2200 to Rs. 4600

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Popular Olive Oil Brands In Pakistan

Pakistan is still importing the majority of its olive oil from foreign countries. There are some companies and oil mills that have taken the initiative to produce their own olive. Pakistan can save a large number of dollars spent on importing olive and olive oil if local manufacturers are supported and motivated to produce quality olive oil.

Here is a list of a few original olive oil brands that are producing olive oil.

  • Alba
  • Dalda
  • Eva
  • Naturelle
  • Olivola
  • Borges
  • Hemani
  • Rafhan
  • Habib
  • Kisan

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Olive Oil Prices – 2, 3, 4 Liters

According to our latest market research, the current minimum and maximum overall prices of different ghee-producing brands are as follows:

2 liters

Rs. 4300 to Rs. 6900

3 Liters

Rs. 5500 to Rs. 10500

4 Liters

Rs. 7700 to Rs. 12600

ghee price in pakistan (2)

Olive Oil Price – 250ml to 500ml

Here you will know the rates of 250ml and 500ml olive oil of different brands in a table format. The following list includes pomace olive oil and extra virgin olive oil.

Alba 100% Spanish Extra Virgin Olive OilRs. 2,100
Coosur Extra Virgin Olive OilRs. 2,400
Felber Extra Virgin Olive OilRs. 1,280
Filippo Berio Extra Virgin Olive OilRs. 2,550
Dalda Extra Virgin Olive OilRs. 2,025
Dalda Pomace Olive Oil 500mlRs. 1,450
Izhar Extra Virgin Olive OilRs. 750
Sasso Extra Virgin Olive OiRs. 1,575
Sasso Olive OilRs. 1,550Rs. 2,700
Mundial Olive Pomace OilRs. 900
Mundial Extra Virgin Olive OilRs. 2,250
Mueloliva Olive OilRs. 975
Italia Extra Virgin Olive OilRs. 1,250
Borges Olive Oil Extra LightRs. 1,200Rs. 2,150
Borges Extra Virgin Olive OilRs. 1,299Rs. 2,300

al jouf olive oil 400ml

Rs. 4400

Olive Oil Price – 1, 2, 3 & 4 Liters

In the coming table, you will get to know the rates of olive oil ranging from 1 to 4 liters. Some might calculate zatoon ka oil in kg but the correct measurement is liters, not kilograms. The following list consists of olive oils from extra virgin, light, and pomace oils for different brands

Olive Oil Brand1 Liter2 Liters3 Liters4 Liters
Hemani Olive Oil PomaceRs. 8,200
Felber Pomace Olive OilRs. 2,199
Alba 100% Spanish Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Cavallo Pomace Olive OilRs. 6,900
Nature’s Own Pomace Olive Oil, Blended With Extra Virgin Olive OilRs. 8,500
Felber Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Alba 100% Spanish Pomace Olive OilRs. 2,600
Figaro Pure Olive Oil Tin 1000ml / 1 LitreRs. 16899
Filippo Berio Extra Virgin Olive OilRs. 4,600
Filippo Berio Olive Oil
Sasso Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Perseus Avocado OilRs. 7,500
Italia Olive Pomace OilRs. 2,200
Dalda Extra Virgin Olive OilRs. 10,552Rs. 8,300
Dalda Pomace Olive OilRs. 7,700Rs. 6,450
Rafael Salgado Pomace Olive OilRs. 9,000
Sasso Olive Oil
Mundial Extra Virgin Olive OilRs. 10,200
Mundial Olive Pomace OilRs. 6,800Rs. 7,900
Italia Pomace Olive OilRs. 7,200
Italia Extra Virgin Olive OilRs. 11,500
Italia Extra Light Olive OilRs. 4,300
Italia Pomace Olive Oil
Coosur Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Borges Olive Oil Extra LightRs. 6,900
Borges Extra Virgin Olive Oil
olive oil price Pakistan

Here is the link to buy olive oil at wholesale rates that are only for manufacturers and businesses.

5 liter Olive Oil

Rs. 14600 to Rs. 15500

Olive Oil Price For Hair & skin

Zatoon ka oil is very healthy and beneficial for hair growth. People of all ages can apply zaton ka tail to increase the amount of hair and also make the hair stronger. Zaitoon oil is also available in 100ml mini packs and bottles.

Aliz Extra Virgin Olive Oil 250mlRs. 1260
Borges Olive Hair Oil 250mlRs. 1195
Coosur Massage Olive Oil 250mlRs. 1235
Olivita Hair Olive Oil 100mlRs. 655
Saeed Ghani Olive Hair Oil 100mlRs. 350
Vatika Olive Hair Oil 100mlRs. 310


In the above article, we shared the rates list of olive oil from extra virgin to pomace oils. You can select the best extra virgin olive oil or the best pomace olive oil as per your budget. We can observe an increase in the rates of olive oil due to the increase in current inflation in the country. Pakistan is not yet capable of producing zaitoon ka tail on a larger scale. Therefore, a large number of olive oil is imported from different countries including Spain and some other European countries.

1-liter olive oil rates in Pakistan range from around Rs. 2200 to Rs. 465 for different brands of Pakistan.

5 liters of olive oil prices in Pakistan range from around Rs. 14600 to Rs. 15550 for different brands of Pakistan.

250ml of olive oil prices in Pakistan range from around Rs. 950 to Rs. 1450 for different brands of Pakistan.

250ml of olive oil prices in Pakistan range from around Rs.4500 to Rs. 12500 for different brands of Pakistan.

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