Chicken Rate Today Lahore | Live & Meat | Tolinton Mandi | Latest 2024

ItemRate (Rs.)
Farm (Wholesale)280
Live Chicken Supply (Wholesale)291
Live Chicken Supply (Retail)302
Chicken Meat (Gosht)438
Chicken Rate Today Lahore

According to our latest market research, layer murgi price is Rs.291 per kg (wholesale) and Rs. 302 for 1 kg live chicken (retail). 1 kg broiler chicken meat is Rs. 438.

In this article below, you can also know and update yourself with the 1 kg chicken rate in other provinces of Pakistan. Wholesale and retail prices are updated on this website regularly.

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Chicken Rate Today Lahore

The old famous city is known as ‘Zinda Dilan Da Sheher’ (City of heartful people). Along with its beautiful locals. The city is enriched with various places for those who crave culture, tourism, history, and especially food.

chicken rate today in lahore 3

It is seeing a spike in its population which has reached 11.13 million according to the United Nations. As this increase has made it much dense, on the other hand, it’s an open invitation and an excellent opportunity for the business industry especially for the poultry sector.

Industries from all sectors are engaged in business activities and gaining bigger profits every fiscal year. Similarly, the Chicken market is also blooming every other day as Lahorians are big chicken lovers.

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Lahore Tolinton Mandi Rate

Tollinton Mandi = 300=>305=>310

ItemRate (Rs.)
Nasir Gujjar300=>305=>310
Haji Jahangir305=>310
Mian Burhan300=>305
Chaudry Haris300=>305=>310
Malik Ejaz305=>310
Chaudry Umar
Tolinton Mandi
chicken rate today in lahore

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What was the Previous Chicken Price?

Farm (Wholesale)302
Live Chicken Supply (Wholesale)314
Live Chicken Supply (Retail)326
Chicken Meat (Gosht)489

Desi Chicken

There are two kinds of eatable chickens mostly available in the bazaar:

  • Broiler Chicken (white chicken)
  • Desi Chicken (country chicken)

1 Kg Live Desi Murghi is between Rs. 1300 – Rs. 1400

Above mentioned are the estimated price of desi chicken. There are different breeds of chicken raised to get meat. The most popular kind is the broiler murghi also known as poultry farm chicken. Normally, you will find broiler chicken at shops and stores.

This kind of chicken is bred on a larger scale as it provides more meat as compared to country chicken. Additionally, broiler chickens are less expensive comparatively as they are raised very fast in a few weeks. 

On the other hand, desi chicken is less popular, especially in urban settlements. People living in rural areas or the countryside breed desi chicken as it requires some months for proper development. However, desi chicken is also available in the urban chicken market as some locals prefer to eat desi murgi because of its nutritional value.

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Which is healthier? Broiler Chicken or Desi Chicken

Desi Chicken

  • Raised on seeds, worms, insects, etc
  • Bred in open areas; plenty of running
  • No growth hormones or unnecessary injections
  • Stiff and rough meat
  • High protein, low fat

Broiler Chicken

  • Raised on Manufactured unnatural feed
  • Bred in cages;  No movement
  • High dose of growth hormones and antibiotics
  • Soft and Tender meat
  • High fat
chicken rate today in lahore

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Different Chicken Cuts

Below we have added prices of different chicken cuts weighted 1 kg / 2.2 lbs. The price range may differ from area to area and demand.

Item(s)Rate (Rs.)
Chicken Breast (چکن سینہ)700-800
Chicken Whole (‌‌‌ثابت چکن )700-800
Chicken Leg piece (چکن ران )650-650
Chicken Mince (چکن قیمہ)1000-1100
Chicken Neck (چکن گردن)200-250
Chicken wing piece  (چکن بازو)350-450
Boneless chicken (چکن بغیر ہڈی)950-1050
Chicken Drumstick (چکن  ڈرم اسٹک)650-750
Chicken liver (چکن کلیجی پوٹا )300-450
Country Chicken Live (دیسی مرغی)1200-1300

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Overview Of The Poultry Industry

The city is famous for its culinary heritage and its poultry industry is playing a vital role in developing the city’s food business.

chicken rate today Lahore

The Lahore poultry industry strives hard to cater to the Lahoreians’ increased demand for poultry chicken and egg. The industry of poultry comprises various sectors including poultry farms, hatcheries, feed-producing and processing mills, etc. with the capacity of small, medium, and large-scale productions.

The poultry industry not only provides poultry items within the city only but it is also exporting them to other cities of Pakistan which helps in acquiring a prominent position for the poultry industry in the national poultry market. 

Thus, the poultry industry is a supporting factor for the economy of Punjab creating opportunities for the locals and outsiders to benefit from it.


Chicken is part of our essential diet and the majority of people love to eat chicken. However, some people do not eat broiler or desi chicken due to various chicken including meat allergies.

In the above article, we have mentioned the latest and up-to-date rates of broiler chicken in the city of Lahore. Additionally, an estimated price of country chicken is also cited along with the pros and cons of both kinds of chicken. If you want to learn about other commodities prices you may visit this page.

The prices of chicken in Pakistan are subject to daily fluctuations based on various market conditions and factors. 1 kg broiler Chicken wholesale rates in Lahore range between Rs. 390 and the retail price range between Rs. 405 per kg. 1 Kg meat rate is Rs. 587.

It depends on the age and health of the desi murgha. 5 to 6 months old desi murghi or murgha is sold between 1200 to 1300 per kg alive.