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Chicken Rate Today In Pakistan – Latest 2024

With winter embarking in Pakistan, the chicken rates are on a decrease these days. The 1 KG live chicken price is dwindling around Rs. 350 to Rs. 450 and the 1 kg chicken rate is between Rs. 600 to 700. In this article below, you can also know and update yourself with the 1 kg chicken rate today in Punjab, and Khyber-Pakhtunkhua. 

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Chicken Rate Today in Pakistan

Every province of Pakistan has an autonomous poultry department and association that is responsible for regulating poultry rates and prices. The chicken rate may vary for every province as it is affected by the supply and demand rule. If the demand is higher with low supply the poultry rate will be increased and vice-versa.

Chicken price changes regularly, hence, we regularly check and update our website with the latest chicken price through our trustworthy sources. Additionally, the chicken rate list is updated on the government websites daily. You may also view the chicken rate list today here.

Below you can find the closest estimated latest and up-to-date broiler chicken rate of today.

Punjab Chicken Rate List Today

ItemRate (Rs.) 
Farm Rate (Wholesale)350 – 365
Live Chicken Supply Rate (Wholesale)360 – 375
Live Chicken Supply Rate (Retail)370 – 385
Chicken Meat (Gosht)530 – 550
Chicken Rate Today In Pakistan Punjab

The chicken meat market in Punjab has seen significant growth in recent years. With a population of more than 120 million people, almost half of the population of Pakistan or even more, Punjab is the biggest consumer market for broiler chicken.

The government of Punjab is also providing support in developing the poultry industry of Punjab with the latest technology, various schemes, and support to chicken breeders and farmers.

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Tonight Farm Rate Punjab

CityPrice (PKR/kg)
Toba Tek Singh328
Mandi Bahauddin332
Kot Addu315
Tonsa Sharif318
Dera Ghazi Khan330
Multan Masda310
Rahim Yar Khan320
Tando Muhammad Khan337

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Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Rate List Today

ItemRate (Rs.) 
Farm Rate (Wholesale)326 – 367
Live Chicken Supply Rate (Wholesale)340 – 380
Live Chicken Supply Rate (Retail)350 – 390
Chicken Meat (Gosht)530 – 560
Chicken Rate Today In Pakistan KPK

Above is the closest estimation of the price of 1 kg of chicken meat in the third-largest province of Pakistan. Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has seen a 2.9% rise in its population with 24 million people living in KPK as of the latest UN report 2023.

That means the consumer market is also increased by the same percentage if not more which is a good sign for the poultry industry, chicken breeders, and farmers.

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa people are food lovers and one can enjoy a variety of local food servings especially chicken karahi, chicken charsi tikka, and chicken chargha to name a few.

Tonight Farm Rate KPK

CityPrice (PKR/kg)

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Variety Of Chicken Cuts

Chicken is one of the most desired white meat in the world and it is an essential part of any cuisine throughout the world. Every part of chicken can be transformed into delicious, desirable, and amazing dishes with very little to waste.

If you want the latest rates of chicken cuts, here you can learn about the chicken cuts rates.

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Chicken Rate Today In Your City

You may find today’s chicken rate in different cities of Pakistan in the link below. 

SialkotMultanPeshawarGujranwalaRahim Yar Khan
SukkurQuettaMansehraHyderabadDera Ghazi Khan
Jhang SahiwalWaahTaxila

Historical Trend Of Chicken Prices in Pakistan

The prices of chicken in Pakistan are subject to daily fluctuations based on various market conditions and factors. 1 kg broiler Chicken wholesale rates in various cities of Pakistan range between Rs. 320-370 and the retail price ranges between Rs. 335-390 per kg.

We diligently update the price of chicken and rates are updated on a regular basis. Additionally, we try to update the farm rate and supply rate.

No. chicken rates can change in various cities of Pakistan depending on different factors like transportation costs, supply chain management costs, local demands, etc.

Absolutely yes. Our website issues daily updates of chicken rates for major cities of Pakistan including Karachi, Islamabad, Lahore, Peshawar, etc.

several factors may contribute to the sudden fluctuation of price hikes. These factors include an increase in demand and decrease in supply, an increase in poultry feed rates, sudden attacks of viral infection, government regulations, the imposing of additional taxes, etc.

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