20 Kg Atta Price In Pakistan 2024 | Flour Wheat Rate Updated

ItemSarkari Rate (Rs.)Brand Rates (Rs.)
20 Kg Atta28403100-4400
Atta Price In Pakistan

According to our latest market research, the government official wheat atta price in Pakistan today for 10 kg bori (bag) is Rs. 1420, and different brand rates range between Rs. 1950 to Rs. 3100.

In this article below, you will be informed about the official current retail and wholesale rates of gandum atta (wheat flour) ranging from 1 kilogram to 5 kilos, 10 kilos to 20 kilos, and also 40 kg atta rates in different cities of Pakistan.

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atta Price In Pakistan Today

Every province of Pakistan has an autonomous department and association that is responsible for regulating rates and prices of commodities and other items. Similarly, Pakistan has a food department whose responsibility is to maintain food quality up to the mark and also to keep a check on the rates of food items.

A variety of food-related items fall into this category including grains, lentils, cattle, poultry, edible oil, wheat, and flour, etc. The wheat and gandam ata rate may vary for every city as it is affected by the supply and demand rule. If the demand is higher with low supply the flour rate will be increased and vice-versa.

The government of Pakistan is providing support in developing the industries of Pakistan, especially the flour industry with the latest technology, various schemes, and support prices for farmers and wheat producers.

Below we will share the rates of flour for different volumes and different types including pure chakki atta, fine atta, etc. in 2023 in different cities of Pakistan along with the rates list wherever available.

1 Kg Atta Rate

Rs. 150 to Rs. 200

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20 Kg Atta Rates in Major Cities of Pakistan

Below we will share the rates of 20 kg gandam ata for different cities of Pakistan according to our latest and updated research along with the rates list wherever available. The closest estimated prices of wheat flour are presented in table format according to cities for your convenience.

The minimum and maximum 20-kilogram atta ka rates in Punjab are mentioned as well.

CityMinimum Price (Rs.)Maximum Price (Rs.)
gundum ka ata per 20 kg

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5 Kg To 40 Kg Atta Rates

5 KG = Rs. 750 to Rs. 1000

10 KG = Rs. 1500 to Rs. 2000

15 KG = Rs. 2250 to Rs. 3000

40 KG = Rs. 5000 to Rs. 7600

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Atta prices of different brands

Below we will share the rate of wheat flour of different brands or companies of Pakistan according to our latest and updated research. The closest estimated prices of wheat flour are presented in table format according to cities for your convenience.

Rates of 5 Kg and 10 Kg Wheat Flour

Atta5 Kg10 Kg
Sunridge Fortified Chakki AttaRs. 890Rs. 1860
Sunridge Super White AttaRs. 880Rs. 1830
Sunridge Super Fine AttaRs. 880Rs. 1800
Sadi Chuki AttaRs. 930Rs. 1820
Anaaj Yousaf Chakki AttaRs. 890Rs. 1780
Mughal Fine AttaRs. 780Rs. 1540
Mughal Chakki AttaRs. 785Rs. 1550
Punjab Atta No.1 RegularRs. 785Rs. 1550
Olnaaj Amanat Wheat Chakki AttaRs. 1150Rs. 2250
Lahore Grains Khaas Chaki AttaRs. 890Rs. 1780
Bake Parlor Super Fine Atta (laminated)Rs. 855Rs. 1680
Bake Parlor Super Fine Atta (plastic)Rs. 885Rs. 1770
Bake Parlor Khaalis Chaki Atta (laminated)Rs. 865Rs. 1705
Bake Parlor Khaalis Chaki Atta (plastic)Rs. 885Rs. 1770
Al Khubz Chakki AttaRs. 965Rs. 1910
Shandar Super Fine AttaRs. 855Rs. 1665
Ashrafi Super Fine AttaRs. 795Rs. 1575
Atta price in Pakistan of different brands

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The prices of gandum and gandum ka atta in Pakistan are subject to fluctuations based on various market conditions and factors. 10 kg wheat white atta rates in Pakistan range from around Rs. 1550 to Rs. 2250 for different brands of Pakistan.

We weekly update the rates or when the rates are changed in between the weeks.

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