1 Litre Milk Price in Pakistan – Fresh Milk Rate 2024

ItemRate (Min.)Rate (Max.)
Buffalo MilkRs. 200Rs. 200
Cow MilkRs. 180Rs. 190
1 Litre Fresh Cow Milk Price in Pakistan

According to our latest market research, the 1 ltr. fresh cow milk price in Pakistan ranges between Rs. 180 to Rs. 190 and the 1 ltr. fresh buffalo milk price in Pakistan ranges between Rs. 190 to Rs. 200.

In this article below, you will be informed about the official latest retail rates of cow milk in Pakistan.

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cow Milk Price in pakistan (1)

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Cow Milk Price In Pakistan Today 2023

Cow milk is a highly in-demand and most loved drink all out the world. Milk or more commonly known as doodh has hundreds of health benefits if not thousands. The majority of the people living on the face of the earth are using milk in any of its form.

The high demand for milk is one of the main reasons that we always observe an increase and hike in the rates of fresh cow milk. Recently, all over the world, the price of milk has seen a great surge due to the increase in production and manufacturing costs of the milk.

Price of 1 litre Cow Milk

180 – 190

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Buffalo Milk Price In Pakistan Today 2023

Buffalo milk is also a rich nutrient in demand drink all over the world. Buffalo milk or as it is said in Urdu bhains ka doodh is slightly expensive as compared to cow milk. Buffalo milk is a bit thicker and mostly used by tea shop owners and chefs.

On the other hand, cow milk is less thicker compared to bbuffalo milk making it less attractive for commercial users. However, health-conscious people prefer cow milk as it provides more health benefits.

Price of 1 litre Buffalo Milk


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Milk Price In Major Cities of Pakistan

Below we will share the closest minimum and maximum rates of milk in major cities of Pakistan. You may confirm the rates before placing any order as the rates presented here are to provide general information regarding the current latest prices.

CityRate (Min.)Rate (Max.)
cow Milk Price in pakistan (1)


Above we have shared the latest milk price in Pakistan, cow milk and buffalo both. There are other kinds of milk available in the market as well. For instance, you can find camel milk, horse milk and donkey milk as well in the market.

Rates of milk are increasing frequently as the production cost is rising higher and higher. There are different brands and companies who are selling packed milk as well. Prices differ from brand to brand as all of them claim to be providing more healthy and extra nutritious milk.

1 litre fresh milk price in Pakistan ranges from around Rs. 180 to Rs. 230.

Milk is measured in litres not in kg. 1 litre of milk is equal to 1000 mili litres.

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