Inflation Increased In Pakistan

Record Increase In Inflation In Pakistan | Reached 41.90 Percent

The record of inflation in Pakistan has been broken, the overall inflation rate has reached 41.90%, and the prices of 25 essential goods have increased further in a week.

According to the report issued by the Institute of Statistics, Inflation increased in Pakistan with a rate of 9.95 percent recorded in the recent week, after which the overall inflation rate reached 41.90 percent.

According to the report, natural gas prices surged by as much as 480% in the recent week, with gas charges rising from 295 MBBTU to 1,711 MBBTU.

During the recent week, the price of 190 grams of tea increased by 49 rupees 94 paise, dal masoor by 16 rupees 36 paise per kg, and the price of chicken by 14 rupees per kg.

A 20 kg bag of flour became expensive by 72 rupees 55 paise, during this week 25 essential items became expensive, 13 decreased and 13 remained stable.

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