Kababjees – History, Sub-Brands, Locations, Reviews

Pakistanis are food lovers and their favorite hobby, out of many, is to enjoy delicious food and to have new eating. Kababjees has been fulfilling this dream of Pakistani foodies for many years now. It is not just a restaurant, it is a brand.

Here in this article, we will shed some light on Kababjees, its brand, history, sub-brands, serving locations, menu items, reviews of customers, etc.

Introduction to Kababjees Brand

The name Kababjees emerged a decade ago when the restaurant and cuisine food industry in Pakistan started to develop. It was early 2010, in March when Kababjees first launched. Since that day, Kababjees has done wonderful work and has taken the restaurant industry to the next level.

Kababjees was established with the mission to serve the people with the best quality of food keeping in view the buying power of the food lovers. The thriving of Kababjees and other food brands is a good sign for the economy of Pakistan, the more local brand emerges the fewer foreign reserves flushes out of the economy.

Kababjee’s Brand Philosophy and Values

Kababjees restaurant’s philosophy is pretty simple; to make the experience of food enthusiasts as great as possible. People who are engaged with the brand and have been visiting it would agree that they enjoy their time at Kababjees.

With the slogan ‘ a sweet life, is a beautiful life’, Kababjees is making sure that the people have a good time there. From the entrance to the reception, and the walkways to the seating, one will feel the comfort, the luxury, and being valued. With an attractive dining environment and with well-trained, and best-mannered staff at Kababjees, the fooders enjoy every second of their precious time at Kababjees.

Kababjee’s Locations

Kababjees initially started its business in Karachi and due to their commitment to providing high-quality food and services, they were able to expand quickly and effectively. Currently, Kababjees has branches in several cities across Pakistan and has also started operating in foreign countries. The following is a list of cities where you can find Kababjees:

  • Do Darya (Karachi)
  • Shaheed e Millat (Karachi)
  • Highway (Karachi)
  • North Nazimabad (Karachi)
  • Gulberg Town (Lahore)
  • Hyderabad

Kababjee’s Sub Brands

Kababjees began with the initiative of serving local and continental cuisine to the people of Karachi. Now, after several years, it is branching out to several other brands. This is a wonderful strategy to target a specific food genre with a separate sub-brand name and location.

The sub-brands of Kababjees are as follows:

  • Kababjees (Restaurant)
  • Kababjees Pizza
  • Kababjees Express
  • Kababjees Bakers
  • Kababjees Fired Chicken
  • Kababjees Horror Cafe

Features and Highlights

You may have noticed a decline in service quality for many brands over time, but Kababjees has consistently maintained excellent food quality and service across all of its sub-brands.

To provide a high-quality dining experience, we maintain clean and well-managed restaurants with well-trained and courteous staff, internationally recognized branding, and swift delivery services to various locations in the city.

Kababjees is a well-known restaurant that is famous for its BBQ items, but their menu is, not limited to it. They offer a diverse range of cuisines, including Italian, Chinese, Desi, Indian, Pakistani, seafood, fried dishes, curries, steaks, and more. Additionally, the desserts at Kababjees are delicious and mouth-watering.

Besides the food, the locality of Kababjees restaurant is refreshing and overwhelming. Kababjees Do Darya restaurant brings joy to the residents of Karachi. Kababjees has also introduced a relatively new concept of a horror cafe, where you can have fun and fear while enjoying your coffee.

The baked goods at Kababjees Bakers are fantastic. Everything is fresh, crisp and delicious, from chips to biscuits, cakes to sweets. Kababjees has recently started offering pizza and fried chicken services, which are still in the developmental phase.

Consumers can now enjoy a variety of food items, including fast food, BBQ, rolls, Chinese food, wraps, starters, sidelines, and beverages, right at their doorstep with the help of Kababjees Express. This food delivery service is available throughout Karachi, making it easy for residents to order and enjoy their favorite meals from the comfort of their own homes. Kababjees Express has received positive reviews from customers who have used their services.

Customer Reviews About Kababjees

As a Business-to-customer model, restaurants and food services seek good reviews for their branding and development. Similarly, people who visit Kababjees restaurant and other sub-brands give reviews; some are good and some are not so good.

A fooder Reemonly1 says, “First visit good experience good food as well service perfect place to spend a quality time with friends and family to visit again”

Another foodie Dr. Kashif commented, “I called in and reserved my seat. The restaurant location is to die for. Food is good and average.”

Yet another food enthusiast Fatima has this saying, We visited Kakabji at midnight. The restaurant was almost full of family. Lots of noise, after all when family dine together noise must compare to America’s silent eating.

However, not all the customers are satisfied and few shared their negative reviews stating, “The toilet was filthy and one of the dishes, which used to be served in foil, is now served with a plastic cover unsuitable for hot food. When I complained, the manager’s response was unsatisfactory.”

Another critical feedback was about their customer service and online delivery. The customer felt it was not up to the mark.

Anyhow, people have different remarks and multiple experiences. Also, there can be some moments when the service or food is not up to the mark. But, overall majority of the fooders had a good experience over there and they enjoyed the food and the service at Kababjees.


With all the economic news Pakistanis are hearing every day and the worsening conditions of industries here, it is good to see that restaurants like Kababjees are striving and developing day by day. Serving over a decade, Kababjees is on the road to expanding and branching out to other various small brands.

Pakistani foodies have found a wonderful place for themselves and their families where they can enjoy the food and the environment altogether. Let’s see if Kababjees strives for another decade and maintains the quality of its service and food for the people of Pakistan.

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